Cyber Security Lab

Laboratory based on network security technology precipitation and project experience for many years, focus of network security technology research and innovation, combined with the large data and machine learning, and other science and technology, from the reality of users and business, for financial, energy, communications, government and other important areas, provides cover page, the depth of the whole development cycle of mobile terminal security management services, avoid system vulnerability, comprehensive initiative for safety protection, solve the application under the digital network space and data security issues.

Research Direction

Smart sandbox

Based on sandbox technology, it can realize dynamic behavior monitoring and feature analysis during the operation of mobile applications. Through multi-dimensional model algorithm, it can detect and monitor the mobile application vulnerability risk, illegal behavior, virus Trojan horse and other behaviors. It is applicable to regulatory units, confidential units, financial institutions and other industrial units, and finally it can detect, analyze and kill the security and compliance behaviors of mobile intelligent terminals . provide solutions for certification.

Mobile Application Firewall

Focus on the application security of intelligent terminal and provide solutions for terminal application security. Protect application code security, interface security, communication security, etc., and effectively protect against reverse cracking, tampering fraud and other black ash production behaviors.

Products and Applications

APP privacy compliance detection

APP dynamic permission detection system is a special permission detection system for the whole process of APP use. The system adopts a static analysis engine based on symbolic execution and a dynamic detection engine based on running sandbox, which aims to help users quickly and accurately detect the sensitive permission invocation in APP.

App interface security

Based on dynamic sandbox technology, automatic analysis and extraction of application internal interface, comprehensive and in-depth detection of potential security problems of app, and protection of business data leakage and other risk problems caused by interface security problems.

App content review

Based on dynamic sandbox technology, automatic analysis and extraction of application internal content elements, comprehensive and in-depth detection and monitoring of APP content compliance issues, and inspection of illegal issues such as yellow, violence and gambling in app

APP reinforcement

In view of various security risks of mobile applications, such as reverse cracking, tampering, piracy, data theft, etc., we provide comprehensive mobile application reinforcement encryption technology and attack prevention services, and support the application shell reinforcement protection of Android / IOS platforms.

Internet of things security

Security protection is carried out around IOT devices, applications, data and other dimensions, focusing on solving security problems such as application layer information theft, unauthorized access, replay attacks in the IOT industry, and providing all-round protection from the end to the cloud.

Channel monitoring

Based on the monitoring and analysis of the whole network APP, the mobile application security big data platform was built. Real-time monitor entire network vulnerability distribution of mobile applications, content violations, counterfeiting and piracy malicious behavior, such as information, from the geographical, channels, industries such as mining depth, multi-dimensional present tech-oriented security compliance situational awareness, for the enterprise, industry regulators, channel marketing, such as provide APP safe panoramic view, help purify the mobile Internet space.

Code audit

PayEgis IAST code review system is based on the Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) technology, and through the Agent on the Application server configuration, analyze the code to run process review, so as to detect the potential safety hazard in the program code, realize real-time monitoring for code Security, real-time analysis, real-time report, reported Security issues and to provide in accordance with industry best practices detailed Security solutions.