Code Audit

The Iast code review system of PayEgis is based on the technology of interactive application security testing (IAST). Through the agent configured on the application server, it analyzes and reviews the code running process, so as to detect the security risks in the program code, realize the real-time monitoring, real-time analysis, real-time reporting of the code security, and provide detailed security solutions, which are consistent with industry best practices to the reported security issues.

Product Functions
Real time code detection
The detection agent of Iast automatically analyzes the running process of the program when the program is executing, and detects the hidden danger of the code in the background.
Test result management
Provide a management platform for the detected security risks. On the platform, you can view the detailed information, including the problem point, the execution process of the program, the solution to the problem, etc.
Report export
PayEgis Iast code review system provides PDF report export function for test results, allowing users to select the exported test results report.

Product Advantages

The best security testing tool before business launch

One of TOP10 technologies

Iast technology is a new technology rising in recent years. It is listed as one of the top 10 technologies in the field of information security by Gartner company.

Agile development

The new generation of "gray box" code auditing, security testing and third-party software testing of Iast technology are highly applicable to agile development.

Strong compatibility

The new generation of "gray box" of Iast technology effectively integrates the development process to conduct code audit, security testing and third-party software testing.

Deployment mode
Agent deployment
Through the deployment of detection agent on the server side of the application, real-time access to the data information of code execution when the program is running, through the detected security problems, analysis of the overall quality of the code, and the results are visualized in the form of reports or web pages.