Content Inspection

With the prosperity of entertainment culture including comics, short videos, live streaming, music, community and other content platforms, interactive content such as pictures, videos, posts and chats on the Internet has become an indispensable part for people to express their feelings, record events and do their daily work. Every day, more than 1 billion videos and pictures are uploaded on the Internet, and more than 500 million posts are posted on various social networks and media platforms, and the trend continues to grow rapidly.

PayEgis is a pioneer in the field of content security shield content detection, originated from a mobile application security technology accumulated for many years, relying on the mobile application privacy compliance testing, mobile application security testing, mobile application automation dynamic detection technology service experience, convenient for mature mobile applications to provide comprehensive, professional safety testing solution, the content of the help application publishers quickly found that text, images, and all kinds of video content security risks, security of the application of information content security.

Product Functions
  • 1

    Adultury and detection
    Detect pornographic, vulgar and other indecent content, quantify the degree of pornography, including pornographic copy, pornographic sexual organs, pornographic teasing, pornographic vulgar jokes, pornographic sexual behavior, pornographic public opinion events, pornographic friends, etc.
  • 2

    Violence could detect
    Detection of violent terrorist flags, violent terrorist figures, violent terrorist scenes, violent terrorist signs and other contents.
  • 3

    Politics detection
    The content of politics-related scenes, politics-related figures, politics-related flags, politics-related logos, and maps of China, etc., will be tested, and such strategic configurations as sensitive projects, strict politics-related, current affairs reports, leader-related, heroes and martyrs, cults and superstitions, fallen officials, hot public opinions, and politics-related comprehensive, etc., will be supported.
  • 4

    Contraband detection
    Detection of contraband, bloody scenes, banned characters, banned Logo, official dress, uncivilized behavior, banned scenes, flames, skeletons, currency, drugs and other content.
  • 5

    Illegal advertisement detection
    The test can be written but need proof, time-limited language, suspected of inducing consumers, suspected of cheating consumers, high legal risk, limit words, advertising law and other content. Support the detection of illegal advertisements including QR code, pornographic advertisements and promotion advertisements.
  • 6

    Nausea picture detection
    Detection of disgusting images, including disease representation, intensive fear, rotting food, excrement, disgusting animals, human corpses, animal corpses, blood, disgusting scenes, etc.

Product Advantages

Complete collection of content material, massive data samples, flexible configuration of detection strategy

Massive data sample

Massive data accumulation, intelligent identification of all kinds of illegal pictures

Test time and place can be flexible

Multi-site detection, multi-time detection, detection results are more convincing

Scene-specific detection criteria

Detection standard and content can be filtered specifically according to the detection scene, and active + customized identification and evaluation can be carried out according to the specific scene

Full coverage of applied material collection

Login script automation, real content collection within the application is more complete and comprehensive