Based on authoritative CA and blockchain technology, PayEgis dSign cover all kinds of signing scenarios. Combined with PayEgis IAM solution and digital credit reference solution (dKYC), PayEgis dSign provides you with fair, effective, safe, reliable and characteristic online signing experience. The functions include signing subject authentication, contract initiation, contract approval, online signing, contract archiving and contract management, etc., to provide you with the whole life cycle of blockchain contract digital signing services.

Product Advantages

Secure online signing

PayEgis dSign is a secure online signing service based on blockchain and authoritative CA.。


By using blockchain technology, the key operation nodes in the whole process of document signing can be safely stored on the blockchain. Double protection to ensures the security and effectiveness of digital signing service.

Follows law

PayEgis dSign follows the relevant provisions of the electronic contract law: it adopts authoritative CA digital signature and trusted time stamp (TSA), and issues qualified digital certificates for users through real name authentication, so as to ensure the safety and compliance of the contract signing process.

Many scenes, full service

PayEgis dSign supports a variety of online signing scenarios, including individual to individual, enterprise to enterprise, enterprise to individual, and provides full life cycle services, including personal real name authentication, enterprise entity authentication, contract initiation, online approval, online signature, contract archiving, online signature verification, etc.