Data Router

PayEgis data governance platform, with data service interface standardization, data parameter custom translation, access authentication, service configuration, analysis center, measurement and pricing, data protection and other functions, facilitates the scientific and effective management of third-party data and data sources, solves the problems of user data source management, low data use efficiency, insufficient data processing capacity, and data access development cost High difficulty.

Product Functions

  • Data source management
    Provide unified management and maintenance of data source suppliers.
  • Service management
    Provide unified and standardized output solutions for services, including intelligent routing function, to control costs for customers while ensuring performance.
  • Interface management
    Provide unified standardized management of data interface, including interface parameter compilation, caching mechanism, response time, etc.
  • Business Report
    Provide rich and multi-dimensional data reports to show the use of standard services for customers from a data perspective.
  • Authority control
    Provide unified authority management function to ensure the security of system information and reduce the risk of information disclosure.
  • data protection
    PayEgis is one of the first batch of "data circulation standard" compliant enterprises in China, and the platform has passed the level-3 certification of level-3 protection.

Core Competency

  • Configuration visualization
    Simpler operation, what you see is what you get
  • Full service connection
    Standard data service management scheme for docking the whole business
  • System high availability
    Distributed streaming engine to build a management system with high capacity, high performance and high expansion
  • Service Automation
    Flexible intelligent routing mechanism and reasonable data application solution