Device Fingerprint

With the development of Internet application, the problem of information security in cyberspace is becoming more and more serious. In order to solve the problem of the uniqueness of device terminals in cyberspace, based on the research on the attributes of terminal devices in cyberspace, PayEgis device fingerprint (information probe in digital space) adopts hybrid device detection Technology (active information collection + passive full stack network information sharing) To form a new trusted device terminal unique identification system.

Application Scenarios

Terminal Device Precision Identification

End Device Risk Score

Analysis of Terminal Information Data

Product Advantages

Accurate Unique ID

Years of technical accumulation, algorithm optimization, accurate identification, strong stability, and endure the test of large customers such as banking and Finance

Platform-wide support

Support operating system: iOS, Android, applets and other application integration, support browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, APP built-in browser, mobile web browser and other JS-style integration

Hybrid feature acquisition

Information extraction is not affected by the terminal software and hardware environment. Associated device hardware, software, network and other multi-dimensional information, combined with machine learning algorithm to generate a unique ID

Secure and reliable data transmission

Strict control of data collection, data confusion, compression and transmission using dynamic encryption algorithm, tampering and hijacking prevention