Data Visualization

As a data analysis tool of business intelligence, it mainly focuses on data visualization and analysis technology, and quickly produces various types of business reports through a visual interface.

Application Scenarios
In-depth analysis
The data visualization platform can adapt to the flexible adjustment of business, depict multi-dimensional data risk portraits, quickly extract massive data in real time, and generate enterprise operation data reports.Through intelligent analysis and relationship mining, customized business risk maps and monitoring screens are generated for different business scenarios to help customer groups to analyze the business in depth.
Risk visualization analysis
The platform generates visual risk reports through data drilling analysis and multi-dimensional analysis.Assist to understand the current risk situation of the business and improve the timeliness of the risk strategy so that timely prevention and control measures can be taken.
Situation Awareness screen
According to the core business indicators, show various charts with rich dynamic effects, and show the correlation between the data from different dimensions, so as to convey big data's deep information and value.

Product Advantages

Docking data

Flexibly respond to the data report requirements of different business scenarios, business personnel can achieve zero-coding production, visual configuration of the whole process of data analysis, and immediately generate reports.

Enrich the chart

Provide self-developed chart plates, column charts, charts, pie charts, etc., intelligently recommend suitable chart types according to the analyzed data, and efficiently display the characteristics of the data.

Second response

Multi-dimensional cross-combination of different scene data can greatly improve the breadth and depth of analysis, and provide strong and stable data computing ability and second-order response.

Easy integration

Seamlessly integrated into business intelligence system products, which can be accompanied by business adjustment and rapid data growth,Load hot data in real time, do not need to process the data manually, and arbitrarily add personalized reports to form a complete large screen of data analysis reports.