Decision Engine

Decision engine provides real-time decision scheduling and early warning service for risk control. Based on multi-dimensional risk characteristics, flexible risk control model and massive policy rules, the product processes and analyzes risk business data in a timely manner and returns risk control decisions in real time to ensure the fast and safe follow-up business of customers. The product integrates the intelligent workflow of PayEgis, seamlessly connects the data router, modeling workbench and graph engine of PayEgis, realizes the integrated and precise risk control, the built-in business strategy engine is simple and easy to use, and optimizes according to the business intelligence in real time, so as to bring the most extreme and efficient risk control experience for customers.

Application Scenarios
  • Fraud risk identification
  • Credit risk identification
  • Identity security
  • Transaction security
Based on the external trusted data, the authenticity of the user's basic personal information is verified, and the risk of identity fraud is found; the whole network loan situation of the applicant is integrated and analyzed, and the risk of multi loan is found; the application behavior information is analyzed for abnormity and correlation, and the risk events conforming to the characteristics of intermediary loan fraud are forewarned in time.
Core Competency
Intelligent recommended risk control strategy
The platform's business experience base has accumulated thousands of business risk control rules, covering a variety of risk response strategies, covering dozens of risk control scenarios such as credit application, financial transaction and anti crawler. Rich business risk control experience enabling platform to realize intelligent recommendation of scenario elements, risk prevention and control strategies and rule models, and improve the efficiency of risk control strategy configuration.
Superior technical performance
The "Taihang" streaming engine is based on the sliding time window to carry out the extreme speed operation of complex indicators, using distributed cache to improve the timeliness of data processing, with superior computing performance; high concurrency, 10000 level throughput, millisecond level return; strong scalability, which can adapt to the risk control requirements of different business scales in the process of business development.
One key switch of risk control mode
The system provides a variety of risk control modes for simple risk control scenarios to reference and quickly generate scene decision flow; at the same time, it supports visual editing of complex decision flow. The system encapsulates risk control policies, policy execution conditions, actions and execution logic between policies as business nodes. Dragging and connecting nodes can define complete decision flow.
Flexible adjustment of risk control strategy
Scene field information change, free of interface code editing and retesting, to reduce the adverse impact of business parameter adjustment; provide semantic rule editor, supplemented by rule content examples, what you see is what you get, strong business friendliness; support the effect comparison analysis of adjusted risk control strategy and online strategy, and assist in sensing the effect of policy adjustment.
Interface intelligent mapping
One key intelligent mapping of business fields and interface fields can minimize the workload of human resources. Each business scenario references the interface independently and adjusts it on demand, bringing the best experience to users.