Modeling Workbench

The intelligent modeling workbench is a big data visualization + interactive whole process intelligent machine learning platform provided by PayEgis for financial technology security industries such as banks, non bank credit, insurance, fund financing, tripartite payment, etc. The platform has built-in financial risk control industry templates such as "credit score card" and "transaction anti-fraud" to help customers improve their risk control capabilities and better prevent unknown risks.

Application Scenarios
Identity Verification, Access, Credit
Application scoring model / application fraud model / profit model / income scoring model / Quota strategy model / customer overdue risk model
Capital Risk
Capital inflow and outflow forecast / corporate dishonesty assessment / fund correlation analysis / online loan platform risk score
User Analysis
Behavior analysis scoring model / transaction fraud model / cross selling model / customer churn model
Risk assessment and early warning
Abnormal transaction behavior / fraud transaction risk / online theft / risk pricing / black industry attack

Product Advantages

Customized financial scene

Adapt to the financial technology security scene, and can carry out model customization and development in combination with the business, and customize the risk control model.

Comprehensive coverage of intelligent operation

Provide one-stop whole process modeling service, covering all aspects of the modeling process, and provide visual operation, without coding, time-saving and labor-saving

Excellent performance of multivariate algorithm

The platform supports the mainstream machine learning frameworks, such as tensorflow, keras, Caffe, etc., and model lifecycle management, including model switch, release, one click deployment, etc.

Meticulous service and strong support

We have been deeply engaged in the field of intelligent risk control for many years, with rich industry risk control experience, in-depth mining of risk scenarios, combined with professional senior modelers, to provide professional risk control modeling consulting