PayEgis DApp

With the certification chain as the underlying architecture, Tong Fu Dun DAPP provides enterprises and individual users with cloud identity authentication, encrypted communication, online signing, P2P payments with points,encrypted cloud disk and other functional services, to protect your business secrets. Tong Fu Dun DAPP provides services in the form of app. Users can search "PayEgis" in the app store or major Android application markets, and then install and use it.

Product Advantages

Cloud identity authentication

DApp of PayEgis provides a variety of cloud identity authentication functions, including "scan code login" and "token login", which are simple to integrate and meet your various cloud identity authentication needs.

Encrypted communication(MiChat)

Encrypt IM, easily transfer text, picture, voice, expression and other content, and call voice and video at will.

Sign up online(eSign)

The online signing function based on certification chain digital signature technology meets the needs of online signing between individuals, individuals, enterprises and enterprises in the daily life of users.

P2P payments with points

DAPP includes the blockchain points based on the ProveChain, which can be used to exchange for encrypted cloud disk (MiYun) or other security services of Tong Fu Dun cloud service.