PayEgis DApp

PayEgis DApp provides you with security functions such as TChat (blockchain encryption), dSign (blockchain contract), Identity Authentication (blockchain identity), TStorage(blockchain storage), etc., to keep your business privacy! Make digital life safer and better! You can search "PayEgis" in AppStore or Android markets to install.

Product Advantages

TChat(BlockChain Encryption)

Encrypted IM, easy transmission of text, pictures, voice, expression and other content, any voice, video call. Communication adopts point-to-point encryption, supports "burn after reading" and "encrypted call", to keep your business privacy.

dSign(BlockChain Contract)

The blockchain signing system based on CA and BlockChain technology, legal, effective, safe and convenient. It can meet the online signing needs of users in their daily life, including individuals, individuals and enterprises, enterprises and enterprises.

IAM (BlockChain Identity)

PayEgis DApp provides a variety of cloud identity authentication functions, including "scan code authentication", "push confirmation", "dynamic token", "remote real name authentication". It is easy to integrate and meet your various cloud identity authentication requirements.

TStorage(BlockChain Storage)

PayEgis DApp provides encryption cloud disk service, which can safely store all kinds of your business files. The key is only controlled by the user himself. Point to point encryption sharing is safe and reliable.