Streaming Engine

Streaming engine is a real-time big data statistical computing engine based on distributed computing architecture. It is applicable to scenarios such as complex risk control indicators and report data statistics of large data magnitude. Supports real-time modification of the statistical strategy, zero-delay online, and supports the statistical value of the sliding time window to meet the flexible needs of the business.

Built-in commonly used statistical templates, the editor is easy to use, quick to take effect, and can be adjusted at any time according to business. Zero code enables big data statistics, reduces the logic complexity of business system code, and improves system maintainability.

Product Advantages

Rich statistical templates

The platform has thousands of risk control calculation index templates, supports a variety of risk strategies, and covers a variety of risk control scenarios. Rich business risk control experience enabling platform to realize intelligent recommendation of data statistics forms and risk control indicators, and improve risk control efficiency.

Excellent technical performance

Extremely fast calculation of complex indicators based on sliding time windows, using distributed to improve the timeliness of data processing, superior computing performance; high concurrency, 10,000-level throughput, millisecond-level return; strong scalability, can adapt to the needs of different business scales

Engine seamless docking

The streaming engine can be seamlessly connected with the PayEgis decision engine and workflow engine in real time to facilitate the flow of information and improve the effectiveness of risk control.