Identity Authentication

Using many patent technologies such as device fingerprint and time-space code of PayEgis equipment, as well as security technologies such as PKI and digital signature, various identity authentication methods such as secure code scanning, important information confirmation, gesture password authentication, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc. are realized. Users can complete identity authentication and electronic signature with mobile devices (such as mobile phones), and the security strength reaches quasi-u shield level with excellent user experience. Help customers solve the key problem of "secondary authentication" of digital identity.

Authentication Process

Taking bank transfer business as an example, when the user account has opened the HUE service, after each transaction under the business account is initiated, the HUE will show its key transaction information back to the device bound to the account for confirmation by the user for secondary identity authentication.

  • 1
    Transfer business
  • 2
    Info validation
  • 3
    Verify identity
  • 4
    Auth success
  • Transfer business

    Support app and Web

    Info validation

    Verify identity

    Complete at app end

    Auth success

    Product Advantages

    Effective identification of account security risk security strength comparable to U shield


    With a number of patented technologies, national secret algorithm is adopted to protect key information, multi factor identity authentication and provide more security.

    low cost

    Software simulation hardware, no need to buy Hardware entities, no need to worry about hardware loss, low cost.


    Adopt the mobile app software of shoulder to shoulder hardware level security, one key installation, convenient and quick.


    Meet the needs of safety and convenience, and meet the requirements of relevant national laws, regulations and opinions.