Channel Monitoring

Based on the monitoring and analysis of the whole network app, the mobile application security big data platform is constructed. Real time monitoring of information such as vulnerability distribution, content violation, piracy, counterfeiting and malicious behavior of the whole network mobile application, in-depth mining from multiple dimensions such as region, channel, industry, etc., showing the trend of security compliance situation awareness of the whole network, providing panoramic view of APP security for enterprises, industry regulators, channel market, etc., and helping to purify the mobile Internet space.
Product Functions
App whole network monitoring
Real time monitoring of application distribution channels such as domestic and foreign 400 + channel market and Mobile Forum, and data processing of APP related information from four dimensions of security, industry, region and channel market.
Tracing the origin of app
With massive mobile application security data, combined with real-time app related information, multi-dimensional association analysis is carried out on app with threats, so as to quickly locate the source of risk and provide effective basis for industry regulatory departments and enterprises.
App security alarm
For the risk app found in the monitoring process, risk early warning will be sent to customers in various ways at the first time to assist customers in risk handling.
App security visualization
Based on the advanced visualization technology, the abstract massive mobile application security data is visualized and displayed, so that the regulatory department can fully understand the channel market, industry and the overall security situation and distribution volume of the app in the jurisdiction, so that customers can intuitively grasp the current situation of APP security.
App channel monitoring security
With multiple independently developed detection and analysis engines, we can provide customers with comprehensive and detailed app channel monitoring and security reports, display the distribution, security status and piracy status of APP in various channel markets, regions and industries in multiple dimensions, and provide multiple formats of security reports for customers to use.

Product Advantages

Visualization of mass data security situation

Strong network wide monitoring capability

Covering 400 + application release channels at home and abroad, including the third-party application market, software download station, mobile phone forum, etc., 7 × 24 hours for monitoring and analysis, providing massive basic data for the monitoring system.

Comprehensive detection and analysis ability

The four engines respectively provide mobile phone virus malicious behavior detection, illegal information detection related to pornography and gambling, counterfeit app security scan such as secondary packaging and phishing, as well as application vulnerability detection affecting the application's own security and business security.

Data mining and display ability

Big data engine and big data analysis system mine and analyze the data, extract the feature information needed by the monitoring and early warning system, and then use the data fusion technology and automatic report function to provide security visualization.

Security Threat Intelligence perception

Through the quantitative and qualitative situation analysis and situation evaluation of the preset indicators for the current and future security status, the quantitative security risk value is obtained from the threat behavior and security loss, forming the network comprehensive situation map and situation evaluation report.