Penetration Test

Penetration test service refers to the process that senior security experts conduct all-round intrusion test on the website or online platform of an enterprise and find the most vulnerable link of the system by simulating hacker attack under the authorization and permission of customers.

Service content
Security vulnerability mining
In depth mining application vulnerabilities. Exploit the loopholes that affect the normal operation of business, cause the leakage of sensitive information, cause the loss of cash and reputation, etc.
Bug fix
Customers are most concerned about how to solve the security problem. Security experts will deeply analyze the causes of the vulnerability and propose a landing repair scheme to prevent the attacks of malicious attackers.
Bug check
After the vulnerability is fixed, it will be rechecked again to verify the effectiveness of the repair scheme and results. For the bugs that have not been fixed for a long time, retest will be carried out regularly and the retest results will be fed back to customers.
Vulnerability warning
For new and significant vulnerabilities, the customer will be notified by email as soon as possible.

Service object

Secure your website

Web application

Security detection is carried out for injection, cross station, ultra vires, CSRF, file upload, middleware, information disclosure, business logic and other detection items.

Mobile applications

Security detection is carried out for Android and IOS clients, components, local data, sensitive information, business and other detection items.

Wechat service number and applet

Carry out security detection for multiple detection items of wechat service number, such as client, component, local data, sensitive information, business, etc.; carry out SQL injection, unauthorized access, file upload, CSRF, personal information disclosure and other vulnerabilities detection for wechat applet.