App Reinforcement

In the face of the growing wave of mobile Internet derived from the network black production, extortion, improper benefits and other malicious acts, mobile application reinforcement products for cracking, reverse, tampering, injection, packaging and other attack means for comprehensive protection. Mobile application reinforcement products can solve the problem of security compliance protection in financial customers, development enterprises, government agencies and vertical fields in a one-stop manner by adopting solutions with high strength, flexible matching and recursive protection, so as to protect the property, privacy, business, data and transaction security of customers.

Product Functions
Crack reverse protection
Through the combination of multiple technologies such as file shell confusion, code encryption extraction, function bottom layer separation, etc., it can comprehensively resist the mainstream reverse analysis sub tools such as apktool, Jeb, IDA, dex2jar, readelf, etc., to prevent the mobile application from being reverse analyzed.
Data resource protection
Through the application of multi-level technologies such as hierarchical file verification, data storage encryption, memory dynamic protection, etc., combined with the unique encryption and decryption and verification algorithm, to prevent the tampering analysis of resource files, data files, configuration files, etc.
Commissioning injection protection
Through multi gradient technology strategies such as classification coding recognition, specific thread locking, quick exit response, etc., it can effectively prevent simulator debugging, debugging attacks, injection attacks and other attacks, and protect the security of mobile applications during operation.
Information stealing protection
By preventing screen capture, safe input components, data transmission and strengthening multi-dimensional security, it can effectively resist screen capture attacks, input hijacking, data stealing attacks and other attacks, so as to ensure the security of application and user information privacy.

Product Advantages

New generation VMP virtual machine reinforcement IPA dynamic shell reinforcement quantum code adaptive security reinforcement technology

Security and anti cracking

Using a variety of advanced software protection technologies to improve application security, using the industry-leading compiler level code confusion, junk instructions, false control flow and control flow flattening and other protection technologies, VMP virtual protection and IPA dynamic shell reinforcement are applied to the field of security compliance protection for the first time.

Very compatible

Modular product framework, flexible to meet different protection needs. And cooperate with mainstream mobile phone, operating system and chip manufacturers to ensure application compatibility and support Android, IOS, SDK and H5.

Low performance loss

Use a variety of performance improvement technologies, including memory loading, interpretation and execution, delayed compilation, customized optimization and decryption algorithm, etc., to improve the operation efficiency of the strengthened app. The installation time of the app is shorter than that before the reinforcement. The first start-up time loss is within 1s, and the second start-up time is no loss.

Less reinforcement increment

On the basis of in-depth study of Android system source code, the code compression algorithm is customized. Without affecting performance and compatibility, the size increment of APP after reinforcement is strictly controlled within 1MB, and some apks are even smaller than before.