App Security Scan

App security scan is a product that can automatically detect whether an application contains security holes, malicious code, or content violations. The App security scan is based on an analysis engine with program analysis as the core, combined with sensitive vocabulary detection to perform in-depth detection of the security risks existing in the APP client and the corresponding server, quickly locate the risk location, and give reasonable security rectification suggestions to help Application developers understand and improve the security of development programs and prevent "APPs from coming online with illness."

Product Functions
Security vulnerability detection
The static vulnerability of the application is scanned, and the application is dynamically detected in the self-made sandbox.
Malicious code detection
The detection of malicious codes such as viruses and Trojans can quickly and effectively identify new viruses and unknown viruses by deeply mining the characteristics and similarities of malicious applications.
Content violation detection
Content violation detection can automatically detect pornographic and violent content in mobile applications.
Safety repair suggestions
For the detected safety problems, provide targeted safety rectification suggestions.

Product Advantages

Diversified safety test report procedures are safe and guaranteed

Dual detection

Based on dynamic analysis and static analysis of dual engine scanning, the security problems of app, including security vulnerabilities, risk information, etc., are found comprehensively.

Deep learning

With deep machine learning technology and big data analysis technology, millions of APP samples are tested and trained to continuously improve the "intelligence" of the detection engine and more quickly and accurately locate security risks.

Accurate result

Covering the whole path of program execution, accurate data flow analysis strictly controls the false alarm rate and the false alarm rate.

Comprehensive compliance

The test items are comprehensive and the industry is leading. Detection of vulnerabilities is in line with China's national information security vulnerability database.

Convenient maintenance

Convenient deployment, efficient service and zero maintenance cost.