PROVE Chain takes PayEgis blockchain password as its technical core, and provides three services for enterprise customers, namely, electronic license security deposit certificate, electronic signature and blockchain encryption. Customers can use the functions and services related to PROVE Chain by accessing the PROVE Chain network and integrating the PROVE Chain SDK.

Service Content

(1)Electronic security certificate

PROVE Chain provides enterprises with electronic certificate security storage service. To ensure the non-tampering and supervision of electronic certificate and license data.

PROVE Chain e-certificate security depository service provides two types of depository schemes, covering Key/Value, picture, log and other data formats.

(2)Electronic signature

PROVE Chain provides customers with electronic signature and seal service, connects with authoritative CA institutions, and "authoritative CA+ blockchain" to double guarantee, so as to ensure the security and legal benefits of contract signing between individuals and enterprises.

PROVE Chain digital signature service provides CA management services such as CA application, CA revocation, CA extension and CA query, as well as functions such as signature and check.

(3)Blockchain encryption

PROVE Chain provides customers with data encryption schemes based on block chain and state secrets series algorithm. Based on state secrets series algorithm, agent heavy encryption, secure multi-party computing and other data encryption technologies, block chain is used to further improve the transparent and reliable encryption process and the security of key management. Based on the actual use scenarios of customers, we provide customers with data encryption solutions, covering the safe storage, sharing and application of data in each scenario, so as to ensure that private data do not go out, personal data do not fall to the ground, and key data are available and invisible.