Graph Engine

PayEgis graph engine platform is a visual intelligent analysis product. Through the establishment of complex network system, the entity and relationship are visualized in the graph. At the same time, we use graph mining engine and relation reasoning engine to do deep exploration. Through the mining of various complex relationships, it provides new methods and tools for accurately exposing fraud ring, nest case, intermediary fraud, money laundering and other complex fraud techniques.

Technical Features
Figure data mining
It supports graph database storing hundreds of billions of vertices and edges, preset high-performance data mining algorithm, and supports flexible assembly of algorithm to adapt to different analysis scenarios
Data Governance
Support structured and unstructured original data input, at the same time, according to business requirements, data dictionary can be established to expand the field, supplement data information, and improve the completeness of data
Visual Analysis
Display the data in an intuitive way, including map, map and flow engine, to help end users understand complex association and complete high complexity analysis operations

Application Scenarios

Precision Marketing

The user's identity information, consumption behavior, location information, label information and other related behaviors are analyzed and depicted. Help enterprises to refine their existing businesses and find potential customers

Personnel Tracking

Use the once, twice or even multiple relationships of customers to find out more potential new contacts, improve the success rate of bank collection and help the public security to track the missing persons

Community mining and suspicious point mining

The platform presets high-performance clustering, association analysis, frequent subgraphs and other data mining algorithms for community mining, and uses degree centrality, PageRank and other graph algorithms for suspicious point mining