Report Engine

The report engine provides enterprises with intuitive, interactive, and personalizable data visualization charts. Help companies quickly build personalized data systems based on their own business needs for data analysis and display services.

Application Scenarios
Business Analysis
The simple reports that come with most business systems are difficult to meet the needs of in-depth analysis of enterprise data. Business and operating personnel can use products to solve the problems of analysis and utilization of various reports, and can adapt to the flexible adjustment of business.
Risk Analysis
The traditional business risk judgment model is single and lacks a full range of data visualization capabilities. Through data drill-down analysis and multi-dimensional analysis, business risks are discovered so that timely prevention and control measures can be taken.
Big Screen Application
According to the core business indicators, various types of charts with rich dynamic effects are displayed, and the correlation between data is displayed from different dimensions, so as to convey the deep information and value of big data.

Product Advantages

Easy to use, flexible customization

Convenient operation, simple drag-and-drop to produce complex customized reports, and easily achieve the diverse display of reports, report export and other needs. For the user's common repetitive report requirements, no secondary development is required, which can greatly save manpower.

Professional analysis,Support decision making

The reporting engine is connected to the rules engine and other tools to sense risks in real time, provide real-time, historical and comprehensive time dimension risk data reports, accurately track risk tracing, assist model tuning, and form a closed loop for risk control.

Fast docking, Massive data access

Supports comprehensive database and file types, can be connected to a variety of business systems, built-in data source access model to help quickly achieve data integration and display.