Workflow Engine

Support model set, policy set, rule set, manual audit and other process processing, graphical flow chart building, one key start. It can meet the real-time processing of multi scenario business complex processes such as risk control and marketing.

Application Scenarios
Fraud Risk Identification
Support the configuration of risk identification processes for different businesses, identity verification, access, credit granting of credit risk, monitoring of transaction processes such as fraudulent card fraud, money laundering, etc.
Credit Risk Identification
Process analysis of the borrower's basic information, financial situation and other factors. The basic information mainly analyzes the types of customers, capital, credit, industry, and social resources; the financial situation mainly analyzes financial statements and cash flow; other factors include industry conditions, operating conditions, economic environment, and social factors.
Transaction Risk Identification
Through the risk control-related workflow model, different policies and rule filtering conditions can be configured for different scenarios. For example, in online payment and transfer, and offline acquisition scenarios, filtering frauds such as fraudulent transactions such as false transactions, card theft, and money laundering.

Product Advantages

Multidimensional Module Coverage

The workflow engine covers multi-dimensional module flow graph connections such as policies, rules, score cards, manual review, and SMS verification. It also supports custom module types to meet the needs of various business scenarios.

Intelligent engine docking

Seamlessly connect the decision engine, Streaming engine, and modeling workbench, and distribute the workflow configuration to each relevant engine in real time, and unified intelligent scheduling

Convenient graphic operation

Use drag-and-drop simple operations to customize business event-related workflows, support multi-form processes such as decision trees, free jumps, and external manual review. At the same time, support custom complex workflows and multi-mode intelligent switching to meet the needs of different business periods.

High speed safe and reliable

The data stream is processed in real time, and the data continues to arrive in a large, fast, time-varying stream. Superior computing performance, high availability, high concurrency, accurate calculation of 10,000-level throughput, millisecond-level return