Threat Perception

Terminal threat situation awareness uses technology such as device fingerprint to strengthen the perception ability of device threat, monitor device status, discover network threat activities in time, and avoid information and property loss.

Product Functions
Environmental detection
Domain name fraud, location fraud, simulator, device reuse, root, sensitive configuration, risk process, framework software, malicious application, cheating application, counterfeiting, program plug-in, network agent, VPN agent, machine change tool, multi split tool
Attack detection
Dynamic debugging, interface hijacking, secondary packaging, so injection attack, DEX injection attack, system acceleration, page screenshot, malicious attack, hook attack
Equipment portrait
According to the fingerprint of Tongfu shield device, the device can be tracked and the feature portrait of the device can be described

Product Advantages

Associate multidimensional massive security + operation data

Full Detection Capability

Multiple risk models, multiple data application tools, comprehensive risk analysis, rapid response to threats

Simple access

Lightweight SDK data access to simplify workflow

Support for multiple deployments

Flexible deployment (supporting private cloud deployment, public cloud deployment and hybrid deployment) to meet different user needs