KYC Solution

KYC technology builds the digital identity of an enterprise/user and automatically analyzes its risks to help customers keep abreast of the enterprise and its USES . The core engine of KYC technology is to correlate the various attributes contained in the user's identity information in real time and predict its risk in real time. At the same time, KYC technology also provides a reputation score that reflects the latest information of enterprises and users, enabling automated authentication and digital identity management.


The Remote to Open an Account

Based on remote real-name authentication, vivisection detection and other technologies, real-time connection with compliance data sources is conducted for real-time risk scoring of cross-validation of user/enterprise data

Real-time Risk Score

Credit risk assessment was conducted for each loan applicant through intelligent modeling technology

Automated Authentication

Automatic authentication process, using face recognition, remote video verification, OCR technology to help ensure the authenticity of verification

Digital Identity Management

Set up rules for the establishment, use, verification and digital identity to protect the security of digital world identity

Advantages of the solution

Reduce Labor Cost

KYC solution reduces the travel requirements of personnel by means of online account opening and identity verification, effectively reducing the labor cost

Eliminate Safety Risks

KYC solution adopts the PROVE chain technology based on blockchain to effectively solve the security trust problem

Improve User Experience

KYC solutions dramatically improve the user experience through purely online operations

Convert Offline Data

The vast majority of data in KYC solutions are stored digitally and can be managed and valued anytime, anywhere using big data technology.