Big Data Risk Management Solution
PayEgis intelligent risk control solution by integrating financial institutions IT risk control, internal and external risk data resources, with the help of device fingerprint, decision engine, rules engine, machine learning, knowledge map, such as technology, intelligent building, online and real-time intelligent risk control platform, from the risk of artificial judgment to real-time intelligent identification, strengthen risk prevention comprehensive and precision, reduce the risk to control costs and operating costs. We will improve our ability to control transaction risks and identify credit risks, and help financial institutions transform digitally.
Transaction Risk Control
Comprehensive intelligent risk control technology, in-depth analysis of financial institutions' regulatory risks, fraud risks, operational risks, etc., through early warning, management and control, post-investigation and analysis, real-time monitoring of potential business threats, dynamic warning of business fraud risks, timely blocking fraud operations.

Application of Channels

E-banking, mutual fund platform, counter, ATM, POS and other online and offline channels

Application Scenarios

Registration, login, card binding, account opening, payment, financial management, transfer, payment, consumption, deposit, marketing activities, etc

Identify risks

Pull wool, account misappropriation, pull library to bump, false card to steal brush, anti - money laundering and so on

Credit Risk Control
By using various technologies of intelligent risk control, we assist financial institutions to make risk decisions before, during and after loans, build an overall intelligent risk control solution for credit, quickly implement Internet financial business information verification and credit analysis, and efficiently improve the credit risk management level of financial institutions.

Before the Loan

In the links of credit application, data submission and data investigation, device fingerprint, black and white list, data audit model, credit anti-fraud model, and people's bank credit investigation are combined to identify risks such as pre-loan equipment environmental risk, financial blacklist, multi-platform lending, and credit investigation anomaly.

In the Loan

In the process of credit approval and loan issuance, the borrower is assessed with quota evaluation model, solvency model and transaction anomaly monitoring model for fixed pricing, repayment ability and repayment intention.

After the Loan

In the process of loan repayment, behavioral model, disconnection model and post-loan collection model are combined to avoid overdue risk and reduce the non-performing rate of financial loans.

Advantages of the solution

Regulatory Compliance

Familiar with regulatory documents, the whole process of overcheck support


Intelligent risk control system is built based on powerful technologies such as device fingerprint, decision engine, rule engine, machine learning and knowledge graph

Performance is Remarkable

The distributed flow processing engine is adopted to meet the performance needs and capacity expansion needs of financial institutions

Easy to Operate

Visual decision flow, visual editing interface, semantic rule engine, convenient for business personnel to quickly and accurately manage business strategy


Support the function of correlation map, case management, process configuration, organization management, report customization and so on, convenient management

Flexible Integration

Support cloud and local deployment of two integration methods, a full range of customer application scenarios, improve integration efficiency