Business Risk Management Solution
Smart city business risk control scheme to solve in the process of government in the construction of the digital economy industry business security risk control problems, build risk based on data management, terminal probe, digital authentication, rules engine, machine learning, knowledge map, flow data model, risk control, risk decision-making and so on a number of core technologies and resources of all business risk prevention and control platform. Customizable scenarios and risk prevention and control model; The built-in streaming computing and decision engine can respond in milliseconds, return the risk control Suggestions in real time and issue an early warning, timely block the business fraud, and realize the closed-loop control goal of identifying, evaluating, handling and analyzing the risk of omni-channel business.


Risk Probe

Android, IOS and H5 risk probe can identify terminal environment risks, locate risk behaviors and track terminal devices.

Data Governance

Based on the big data processing technology, it provides a unified management platform of multiple data sources that conforms to the data privacy protection standards. It makes full use of data and safe storage in the process of the government's digital transformation, breaks the data island, and improves the data value.

Identity Authentication

Multi-factor and password technology to determine identity, identity authentication information on the chain, prevent tampering, traceable to the source.

Decision Engine

Based on mass risk data, risk score based on flow calculation, graph calculation, machine learning and other low-level core technologies, support real-time complex risk control model prediction and strategy calculation, and efficiently output intelligent risk control results.

Advantages of the solution

Identify terminal risks and lock down threat behavior

Domestic leading equipment identification technology. Abundant device fingerprint data accumulation, data accumulation of more than 10 billion.

Break data island, play data value

Data access code free, fully compatible with a variety of transmission methods, algorithm coverage of the mainstream 20+ algorithm, real-time monitoring of data, safe storage.

Secure convenient authentication, improve user experience

Integrated with various authentication factors and high security mobile identity authentication, the multi-factor identity authentication system has obtained the first and highest EAL3 authentication and state secret authentication in China.

Real-time risk discovery and intelligent risk management

Self-developed flow computing, graph computing and machine learning big data platform, rich business risk analysis model, streaming engine single node more than 10,000 times, response less than 0.01 seconds.