Data Governance Solution

The data governance solution integrates and unifies the service interface of the third party service provider. The platform establishes unified data standards and has rich built-in data control tools to help customers improve data fusion, data management and data application.


Interface Unification Steward

Carry on the unified management to the multi-data source, and carry on the standardization transformation, the standard data link

Intelligent Routing Hot Change

Through multiple indicators such as priority, response time, etc., the hot switch ensures the stability of the service

Real-time Monitoring of Data

Through visual kanban, multi-dimensional control of internal data, to provide professional data cockpit services

Measurement Valuation

Flexible configuration of different data sources, the cost of the call interface, and the generation of professional financial statements

One-Stop Access

Simple visual operation interface, business personnel can quickly and conveniently access

Online Dynamic Testing

On-line test, check whether the interface is successfully connected, quickly locate the fault

Advantages of the solution

Data Access Code Free

No professional editing code, 5 minutes to achieve zero code access

Massive Data Template

Preset common data sources in the industry, one-key selection, to provide comprehensive data support for the business

Transmission Mode Fully Compatible

Full coverage of POST, GET, PUT, DELETE and other data transmission methods

Algorithm Wide Coverage

The platform covers more than 20 encryption and decryption algorithms to ensure the safe transmission of data

Data Flow Compass

Accurately locate faults to ensure service quality

Multidimensional Mapping

Uniform mapping is implemented for various interface return inconsistencies