Open Data Solution
With the acceleration of urban digitization process, many local and partial urban informatization construction will be gradually improved, and more and more daily affairs will be transferred from offline to online, making people's life more convenient. However, due to the lack of unified planning and effective security protection, data silos and data privacy security problems will be further highlighted. How to establish an effective way of data sharing, solve the problem of difficult information resource sharing, and properly protect users' privacy security has become a key issue in smart city construction.
PayEgis has long been committed to the technical research and product development of domestic password and block chain. It is one of the earliest teams in China to study the combination and application of block chain and domestic password technology. The number of block chain invention patents is internationally leading. With the block chain and state secret technology as the core, PayEgis provides customers with a set of perfect data sharing solutions, so that "private data do not go out", "personal data do not fall on the ground", "key data available invisible".
Advantages of the solution
Domestic password as the core
The data sharing solution of PayEgis takes the national secret series algorithm as the core, which can effectively solve the privacy and security problems of data sharing in the process of smart city system construction, and has obtained product qualification certification from the national cryptography administration and other authoritative institutions.
Based on the chain of PROVE
Based on the PROVE chain of PayEgis, the data sharing solution of PayEgis provides three basic services of security storage, digital signature and data encryption for enterprise customers, which are applied to the links of data confirmation, data storage and data transmission, so as to protect users' data sovereignty and guarantee data privacy.
Multi-scene support
PayEgis data sharing solution containing SM2, SM3, SM4, SM9 series heavy encryption algorithm and the agent, and zero knowledge proof, secure multi-party computation, such as encryption technology, in view of the customer data sharing application scenarios, private, sharing, encryption, zero knowledge sharing data sharing a variety of ways, safe and effective protect your data.
Digital technology is leading us to a broader digital age, to ensure the safety of smart city is the important foundation of digital ecological building orderly and stable, and the key safety is the most important is trust and privacy, the trust cost reduced and the safety of data privacy will be accelerate the major impetus to social progress, it is need to pay the shield security data sharing solution.