Business Intelligence Solution

PayEgis business intelligence solution is for the banking industry, third-party payment industry, such as small micro financial financial customer makes convenient and efficient three-dimensional business decision scheme, scheme integrates the PayEgis "streaming engine", "workflow engine", "decision engine", it can help customers quickly build a decision-making system, for the business to provide a high-speed perception decision-making experience, adapted letter review, risk control, marketing, trading and other scenes.


Business Intelligence

Preset multi-industry professional intelligent decision template, support real-time/batch business decision.

Intelligent Flow Scheduling

Support sequence, parallel and a variety of complex process scheduling, support model, policy, rules, early warning and other multi-module access. Optimize external data invocation to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Live Streaming Computation

Equipped with "taihang" big data streaming engine, millisecond level complex model prediction and index calculation. Built-in more than 1000 kinds of statistical templates, the editor is simple and easy to use, can be adjusted according to the business real-time online.

Convenient Access

Seamless connection with a variety of business system architecture, support Ignite, Redis and other middleware and common components, support SDK integration and cluster deployment. Built into the third generation of PayEgis decision editor, easy to operate.




Three Parties Pay


Big Data


Fraud Risk Identification Decision

Identity Fraud, Long - Term Loans, Intermediary Fraud Loans

Credit Risk Identification Decision

Credit Score, Default Risk

Trade Risk Identification Decision

Counterfeit Card Theft Brush, Suspected Money Laundering, Credit Card Cash

Identity Security Protection Decisions

Account Theft, Database Access, Brute Force