Business Privacy Protection Solution
The business privacy protection solution is based on virtual telecommuting, cloud digital identity authentication,electronic signature, online sign up, communication encryption and multi-terminal access. Ensure enterprise information security, user data security and work efficiency on the whole link from access method, authorization, usage experience, data security, etc.
For ordinary telecommuting, the difference lies in the limitation of access, the single authentication method, the security of identity authentication, and the tele-enker solution of PayEgis focuses on solving this kind of problem, fundamentally ensuring the security of telecommuting.
Advantages of the solution

Data Transmission Encryption

PayEgis DApp digital authentication technology is embedded in PayEgis cloud desktop to authenticate its identity and encrypt data transmission in the cloud to ensure the security of data transmission.

Data On Cloud

All the desktop data of PayEgis cloud are stored in the cloud platform, and there is no local data for employees to copy or carve.

Convenient maintenance

All applications and data are in the cloud platform, maintenance personnel can be unified installation, unified antivirus, unified upgrade, unified backup data, unified control.

Easy to Use

Employees can work from any smart terminal connected to the cloud desktop, as long as the Internet can be guaranteed